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If you're looking for excellent service and a people-friendly approach, then you've come to the right place. At Quality Tree Solutions, our ultimate goal is to serve you and make your experience a pleasant one, and our team will stop at nothing to ensure that you come away more than satisfied.

Construction Consulting & Mitigation         

We offer pre-construction consulting to help save an existing tree during the construction process. Our arborists will determine the proper distance for workers and equipment, and develop a comprehensive tree care plan to minimize losses and keep your trees healthy and beautiful. We can work with your builder to minimize the damage done to your trees.

Disease Diagnosis & Management

Some problems with your trees and shrubs are visible and some are not. Whether you've noticed problems or want to be proactive in preventing them, QTS is the expert choice for professional diagnosis and management of diseases for your trees and shrubs. One of our certified arborists will visit with you, inspecting the current condition of your trees and shrubs and identify any problem areas that need to be addressed. Your arborist will explain the findings to you in detail, answer all of your questions and make recommendations based on the diagnosis. Disease management can be a complicated process and you should entrust this only to professionals. Our ISA Certified Arborist and Licensed Applicators offer you the peace of mind in knowing your tree are in the capable hands of experts. We can diagnose and control disease such as Oak Wilt, Dutch Elms Disease, Anthracnose, Blights, and many more.

Root Fertilization                                  

Trees and shrubs represent a considerable investment. Soils are lacking basic vitamins, minerals, and beneficial fungi. The roots are often unable to achieve maximum absorption of much needed nutrients and water due to lack of vitamins and minerals. Our fertilization programs will strengthen root systems, increase growth and vitality, provide greener foliage and reduce tree loss. Ideal for trees in urban settings, post construction, weak or damaged, during drought conditions and on high value trees. Our fertilization programs are unmatched when it comes to effectiveness and result because we use high quality, slow release organic products. So if you want beautiful, healthy vibrant trees and shrubs, call today!

Hazard Assessments, Appraisals & Surveys                   

When trees are located within residential areas, it is prudent to ensure they are regularly inspected by an experienced arborist. Trees may appear sound and healthy but may be close to collapse or failure. Predictable tree failure can result in litigation, high insurance claims, property damage, personal injury or death. A QTS arboricultural consultant can provide you recommendations based on methodical tree inspections identifying high risk trees or situations. Remember that if you own a tree, the duty of care lies with you. Have you ever wondered what varieties of trees you have on your property and what they are worth? Maybe you need it for insurance purposes or legal matters, or maybe you are just curious. A tree survey and appraisal will answer all your questions and the trained staff at QTS is here to help.

Soil Aeration & Root Crown Excavation                    

Urban soils are often highly compacted and poor in organic matter. Aeration opens up the soil so water, fertilizers and air can penetrate deep, encouraging roots to grow further, increasing trees drought tolerance. Aeration is important because it improves air exchange, water uptake, and mineral absorption. Healthy soils lead to healthy trees. In some cases aeration may need to be taken further in which case we would advise base work. Excavation of the root crown is performed to determine conditions in the soil and root system. Raised soil grades, compacted soil around the trunk base, and girdling roots can lead to increased susceptibility to insects, disease, and tree loss. The AIR-SPADE breaks up even hard clays, without damaging roots, pipes or utilities allowing a cleaner more thorough job.

Lightning Protection

A tree can take decades to reach the pinnacle of beauty, but only a few seconds to be severely damaged or destroyed. Lightning is frequently fatal to the tree and can cause extensive damage to property. A Lightning Protection System (LPS) is your best line of defense when it comes to protecting your trees and your safety from lightning. Each year over a million trees are struck by lightning. Call today, because you never know when the next strike could be the one that hits your trees!


Tree Inspection Service

A Tree Inspection is a valuable tool for any homeowner. Just as a home inspection service provides details about the quality of the home; a tree inspection provides a detailed assessment about the health and safety of the trees. Tree inspections can provide the prospective home buyer or current home owner with a wealth of knowledge and crucial information about the health and safety of the trees on your property. This service is especially recommended when the home is a newly constructed home due to the delayed onset of tree issues related directly to the home construction process.

Whether you are a prospective home buyer or a long term home owner, your trees are an important part of your home. A Tree Inspection consists of thorough examination of the property's trees and large shrubs. We inspect:

  • The overall health and vigor of each tree
  • Identify potential hazard trees or situations
  • Identify insect infestations
  • Identify disease or rots
  • Identify potential future problems with your trees

Our highly trained Certified and Licensed professionals can schedule a convenient time to meet with you and provide you a detailed assessment of your property one tree at a time.

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