Studies show that one unhappy client will complain about your service to at least 11 people, and happy clients will tell on average 3-4 people. How would you like to reduce the number of unhappy clients and increase the numbers of happy clients, and make more money in the process!

Quality Tree Solutions can help with that. We are a Tree Health Company that specializes in the care of newly planted trees. We would like to create a working relationship with that benefits both companies. The basic premise of this would be that every non-commercial customer receives information at the conclusion of their purchase about our company and how we can assist with the care of their newly planted trees and shrubs. This information would simply be in the form of a brochure about our services that specifically addresses post planting care. We can also work on a sub-contracting basis. Now here are some of the benefits: 

  • Reduce Your Number of Replacements Due to Loss
  • Reduce Time Wasted on Follow-up Questions
  • Increase Percentage of Happy Clients and
  • Increase Number of Repeat Orders
  • Significantly Reduce Negative Referrals

 We have spoken with a lot of Nurseries and Tree Growers and consistently hear one complaint; the tree dies from lack of post planting care and the homeowner blames the nursery. Quality Tree Solutions can significantly reduce these complaints through providing our services. Our client's trees will not only be more attractive, but grow faster and healthier compared to a homeowners care. Our company specializes in tree health services such as fertilization programs, insect management, disease diagnosis and control, aeration, and consultation. This working relationship is not only beneficial on a financial basis, but it also means that you have a professional ally when it comes to managing an unhappy client or an insect and disease issue on the property, and a constant referral source. 

I would greatly welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person to discuss in greater detail how Quality Tree Solutions can benefit your business. Please contact me at your earliest convenience at the number below. Thank you for your time.

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