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Quality Tree Solutions is Plant Health Care (PHC) Company that specializes in the health and beauty of trees and large shrubs.  We offer a variety of Arbor-logical services all designed to save and preserve trees. Our services include Root Fertilization, Soil Aeration and Amendments, Insect Management, Disease Diagnosis and Management, Growth Regulators, Consultations, Value Appraisals, and Hazard Assessments.

QTS is operated by Cody Davis who is a Certified Arborist and has 10 years experience in the tree/landscape industry. He is also a State Licensed Commercial Applicator in Lawn, Ornamental, and Structural categories, as well as a Certified Arborist with the International Society of Arborilculture. Currently, Mr. Davis is working towards a Board Certified Master Arborist Credential.

Construction activities can be very detrimental to the health of existing mature trees. Whether re-grading, trenching, concrete, compaction, water changes, chemical washes etc.; trees often enter into a severe stress period following construction. This often results in decline or death for most trees. We can work with you and/or your client to build a Tree Preservation Plan for pre, during, and post construction. A Tree Preservation Plan is a vital assessment and program that will help your clients SAVE their TREES. This will build your reputation as you probably already know, most people select lots based on location and trees. Often by the time the symptoms appear, treatment is much less effective. A comprehensive tree care plan will alleviate home buyer concerns as well as demonstrate to the buyer that you are truly concerned with the trees they care deeply about.

During the Planning Phase, we can:

  • Identify Priority, High Value Trees
  • Assess each tree for Health, Lifespan, Value, and Aesthetics
  • Assess Potential Hazards and Structural Integrity
  • Create a custom Tree Preservation Plan designed to preserve the properties high value trees.

During and After Construction, we will:

  • Take appropriate measures to protect the root systems of selected high value trees
  • Perform tree health services as outlined in the Tree Preservation Plan
  • Monitor the trees during the construction phases and advise client/contractors pending any questions
  • Work with the client to establish a short, mid-term preservation program to ensure the health and beauty of their trees are preserved.

Typically the services that apply most to newly built home sites are soil aeration, root fertilization, nutrient injections, insect and disease management or prevention, and mitigating any hazards that may arise. A good resource for Home Builders and Home Buyers is www. treesaregood.com. There is a wealth of information about trees, construction, and tree care.

Please feel free to contact me directly anytime at 817-681-4753 and I will be more than happy to meet with you to answer any questions you have.


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